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Singapore's Leading Gym, Dance, and School Management System.

OClass is an all-in-one class management software system made for dance studios, tuition centers, gyms, and health clubs of all sizes.

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Singapore’s Leading School Management System

Manage your dance studio, tuition centre, and fitness centre with the OClass app.
OClass helps manage your operations so that you can focus on teaching.

Automated class management

Self-service convenience

  • Both Students and Parents can view all available classes, before enrolling in any of them using the OClass student portal.

Schedule classes in real-time

  • Adjust your class schedule in real-time and automatically update your students of the changes.

Duplicate academic terms easily

  • OClass allows you to copy classes effortlessly over to the next term, saving you time and stress.
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More cashflow visibility

Digital payment integration

  • As well as PayNow, OClass comes fully integrated with
    all major credit cards. You’ll never have to check your whatsapp or bank account to verify payment again.

Lower transaction fees.

  • Credit card merchant fees range from 3-4%. But with PayNow integration, transaction fees with OClass can get as low as 0.65%.

Consolidated invoices

  • Create invoices easily for each student and send them out when payment is due.

Drive business performance

Take stock of accounts

  • Never let any data go under the radar. Keep track of expenses, revenue, monthly reports, payroll, and cash flow.

Obtain business intelligence

  • Use OClass to get in-depth reports on sales, students, staff, and overall business performance so you can make the best business decisions.
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Our streamlined class management platform is the synergistic solution for wellness centers, gyms, enrichment centers, and more. We look forward to continuing to help boost productivity and automate workflow.

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Lim Bee Hwa Profile

“I am not a very tech person. This is a great student portal. Both user friendly and efficient. Payment is very convenient. I use to call the tuition center to find out for updates, now I just have to use the App.”

Ms Lim Bee
Timothy Mao Profile

“I have been booking classes on Mindbody for sometime. Finally a Singapore version which is far more superior! The user interface is so much easier to navigate. Makes booking very easy. “

Mr Timothy Mao

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OClass Ignite Mobile App

Download the app to your mobile phone and view classes, pay for invoices and much more.

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