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Three Reasons Your Negative Customer Reviews Can be Beneficial

No owner wants to read a bad review about their company. You put in long hours every day to establish a studio, store, or workplace you’re proud of, and having it slammed on the internet is not pleasant.


But there are several reasons why negative reviews may be beneficial for businesses like yours. 


In this post, we’ll be looking at three major ways you can use your negative reviews to your advantage.

1. They Help You Identify Customer Pain-points

There might be lingering issues with your services that you have no knowledge about. It could be in the way you teach, your routine, or even your booking process. 


The feedback you get from your negative reviews can help you shed light on these issues and make you understand ways to improve your service.


An example could be a negative review about having a tender-headed scalp bruised due to a thorough washing process in your salon. You can proceed to ask newer customers if they’d prefer a rigorous wash or a gentle one and monitor your reviews after this.


Another example is if a customer leaves a negative review about getting a rash or allergy after a salon appointment, you can take time to look through the products you’ve used and identify any differential patterns.


Once you find the product that caused this allergy, you can then respond to the review, and add a disclaimer for future clients who might have a similar reaction.

2. Negative Reviews Ensure Customers Make the Right Choice

When choosing a service to book for, prospective customers usually tend to filter negative and positive reviews.

This is because looking through both types of reviews opens them up to a 360 evaluation of your service. So they’d be able to decide whether your service is a great fit for their needs or not.


If a customer decides that your service isn’t the best match for what they are looking for, they’d either book another service they like or choose to go to another brand. And that isn’t necessarily a bad thing because you’ve definitely avoided having an unsatisfied customer.


Another scenario that might happen is that the negative review doesn’t affect everyone. 


For example, a customer has an issue with a cooking class curriculum while your other enrichment classes have stellar reviews. A customer interested in public speaking will likely not have an issue with the negative review as it has nothing to do with their interests. And so, they’d still go ahead with your classes.

3. It Increases Customer Trust and Loyalty

Overly positive reviews have been said to be viewed as ‘too good to be true’. However, a negative review shows that your studio is being run by a human. So it gives it that realistic feel.


Also, some customers prefer to see all sides of the picture and so they go through these negative reviews to get an unbiased review of your service.


Since you get a chance to make amends to your customers, you can then track how satisfied they were with your response. 


When these unhappy customers see how dedicated you are to improving their next experience, they’d be happy to book another session with you. 


So rather than sulk when you get a negative review about your service, spend some time introspecting. Understand the review, give an empathetic reply and find ways to turn these negative reviews into positive ones over time. To do this, you need to have in place a robust CRM system like OClass.