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How to Grow Your Fitness Boutique Revenue with Personalize Experience for Members

Fitness boutique studio is all about experience, this is what differentiates it from the regular gym. Members of a fitness boutique want to have that feel of their fitness needs being understood and also a sense of being part of a close-knit tribe. This is what they want and what will keep them coming and coming again.

The good part is that the fitness boutique model inherently offers a handful of data with which you can use to further give members a highly personalized experience they seek. Now, the onus lies on you to properly harness these members’ and class data to create a unique experience for every member of your fitness boutique studio.

So, how do you go about it?

Start by Personalizing Members Onboarding

Again, a personalized experience is what people usually expect when they sign up for boutique fitness classes. So, it is important you show them this right from the door. Onboarding starts right at booking, especially if you run an online class.

You need to have a sort of a survey in your booking module that helps you understand the specific needs of each member. This does not only help you and your team know what you will be working on or what classes you should recommend but also leaves an impression that your studio is critical about each member’s success.

Create Themed Classes/Programs

Themed and specialty classes are a good way to tailor your fitness classes offerings to your studio members’ journey and interests. By engaging with your members to know what kind of music, pop culture or social trends they are into, you can create themed classes around them. Even around current events that are of interest to them.

Specialty classes show you are listening and also provides an avenue for instructors and students to bond and grow over a common aspect of their fitness journey. It offers your members an opportunity to focus on a particular aspect of their fitness that they find challenging or intriguing.

For example, you found out that your members are struggling to lose belly fats, you can create a themed program/challenge to help your members focus on this to get their desired result. But you can only know their challenge if you are keeping good tabs on your members’ progress and activity.

Personalize Engagement

To give your members a personal feel, you should engage personally with them at every point in their fitness journey. For example, after each class, you should follow up members with a progress report of their activity, performance and instructor’s remarks. These little things go a long way to show members that their progress matters to you.

To make engagements personalization stress-free, use a scheduling app with in-built CRM to easily keep track of your members activity, progress and even send automated (yet personalized) messages and updates. Updates like change in instructors, promotions and theme classes will go a long way to make your members feel in the know.

You can also put the ‘add note’ feature of your CRM to good use by having instructors leave specific notes on a member’s profile in the CRM. The notes could include things like injuries, specific complaints by the member, comments and feedback, as well as referral opportunities (like spouses, friends, co-workers and so on) that can be harnessed to grow your fitness studio memberships.

In conclusion, making the best use of members’ and class data in personalizing experience is a sure way to improve your studio revenue over time. It starts by investing in a scheduling app like OClass that also provides platforms such as CRM and analytics tools that lets you stay on top of your members’ needs, even before they ask.