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How to Grow Your Retail Sales

If you’re running a studio, class, or store, chances are you’d always need an increase in customers and sales to make a high-profit margin. This is why businesses offer retail sales at their respective studios.

Now it doesn’t always have to be when there’s a slump in business. You can also want to grow even when things are going great.

That’s why in this post, we’ll be showing you five ways to make your business retail sales be more successful than ever. 

1. Optimize Your Website for Bookings

Since most of your marketing efforts will be driving traffic to your website and what you do, ensure that your website is thoroughly optimized. 

If a prospective client cannot easily navigate your website to see the services you offer, what your rates are, who to contact and how to book for your event seamlessly, they will end up abandoning your website.

So invest in making the navigation process seamless. Opt for a good client booking software to help you keep track of clients who have a high chance of returning.

2. Promote Charity, Donation, and Good Causes

Customers tend to support businesses that show that they celebrate a good cause. 64% of customers would either buy or boycott a website because of its political or social position. This is why across websites today, you find some badge of social responsibility. 

It could be that they promote recycling or an eco-friendly environment. However, whatever it is, they show how they contribute to societal well-being. 

So find ways to incorporate this into your retail sales. You could donate the proceedings of your merch to a charity, launch a community inclusive project or promote a healthier lifestyle.

Not only will you have an opportunity to increase brand awareness, but you’d also get more customers and bookings.

3. Create a Simple Loyalty Program

You have to go beyond seeing your clients as members. It’s time to make them fans who’d help refer their network to your studio.

Start by launching a simple loyalty program that rewards referrals. It could be a discount for both parties or whatever strategy best suited for your business. 

With this, you’d get more loyal members along with new clients ready to join your classes.

Offer your existing members cool branded merch and encourage them to represent your store. 

It could be to make a post and use a hashtag on their social media pages which you can then repost for more awareness.

4. Upsell with Recommendations

Another class, an additional module, or even a follow-up appointment. Don’t stop at offering the services your client opted in for.

When your customers come to your studio, they are more open-minded to explore other services you offer. A client who came for a nail appointment can decide to add a pedicure or a lashes procedure.

It’s up to you to subtly offer and highlight the benefits of them going beyond their initial interests. Share recommendations that’ll help make their lives easier. You can even offer a percentage off or similar incentive to convince them otherwise.

However, remember, upselling is simply nudging your customers. They have the final say. So try to not be so pushy so you don’t end up losing clients.

5. Follow up with your clients

How often do you manage your client relations? Do you follow up after a session and offer tips on how they can enjoy your service even better? 

Simple gestures like this go a long way in improving customer experience as they feel valued. A happy customer is a loyal customer.

These are just a few ways to grow your retail sales online and offline. 

To implement these strategies seamlessly, we recommend using a client management tool like Oclass to help manage relationships, build trust and increase sales.