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Marketing Your Yoga Studio in 2022

There has been a great change in people’s lifestyles over the past few months due to the pandemic and local restrictions put in place in controlling its spread. A notable change is how customers now interact with brands – it is more of a digital first kind of interactions nowadays.

The fitness industry also got its fair share as customers switched from visiting physical gyms and yoga studio to taking online exercises. Also, lockdown measures created more relaxation hours for many individuals, giving rise to the number of newly registered online yoga students during the lockdown period.

To Marketing Your Yoga Studio in 2022, your marketing approach has to change in order to attract your target audience where they now reside- online.
Hence, in this article, we highlighted vital marketing strategies that you can adopt to grow your clientele base and expand your yoga business.

Increase Digital Brand Visibility

If your business does not have a functioning or standard website, now is the time to create one. This is essential due to the rising number of online yoga students, stressing the need to have a good digital platform. Statista, in one of its surveys, highlighted that about 53% of online traffic was generated through a mobile device, with 66% of clients stating that they are likely to contact business owners with a friendly website.

Hence, having a working and user-friendly online platform is essential for the growth of your business in 2022. Your key focus should include a booking system, seamless payment platform, attractive outlay, and user interface. Your website should also be Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – friendly to put out your business to the relevant audience.

Increase Audience Engagement

According to a report by Marketing Charts, approximately 78% of business owners use social media for business promotion. Hence, the use of social media has become increasingly popular, especially among millennials who are the key target Marketing Your Yoga Studio. As a result, you need to launch resounding social media marketing campaigns that will keep you actively engaged with your target audience.

You can start by sharing great content and fitness tips that are related to the services you offer. This registers your business name in the mind of your audience, making you their first choice when it comes to yoga-related services.

Maximize Instagram live and video contents features as they have been proven to have higher engagements than other forms of contents. Plus, these features give you the liberty to create creative content around your brand.

Build Personal Relationships with Your Customers

It is not enough to attract more customers and grow your clientele base, customer retention is also a critical aspect of growing your yoga brand. An effective way to promote customer retention is by having a good customer relationship. Build personal relationships with your client and let them feel more comfortable when interacting with you.

You can ask about their well-being and health in this trying time. You can also ask about their mental health as fitness goes beyond physical exercises. This act will boost their performance during your yoga classes while also helping you to get credible reviews that can translate to business growth. Also, if you hired teachers to take your students, ask the students to appraise their teachers or instructors for proper performance management.

By implementing the strategic actions above, you can be sure that your yoga studio business will gain more traction, thereby supporting your business growth. To do this right with ease, you need an efficient CRM and Class management system, like OClass, built for this purpose. It ensures that your clients are properly managed. Through the insights it provides, OClass helps you in developing innovative ways to improve your activities in line with students’ experiences and feedback.