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For businesses that tend to run round the clock or have frequent shifts, a system that allows you to be always responsive to customer demands is vital. For fitness studios, dance schools, hair salons, hotels, and even dentists, OClass is all that is needed.

OClass is a school and studio management system Singapore that gives your business a new lease of life. And here’s why:


1. Staff Management

In the beginning, it was probably just you and one or two assistants. But as your business grew, you had to hire more hands, and things can get confusing from then on. OClass’ staff management takes this burden off you. You can create profiles for your staff and use it to generate payroll. With the profiles, you can contact them, assign roles and keep track of them. 


The OClass management system has an automated payroll system, thus saving you the time and effort that goes into developing and maintaining a manual payroll system. It also reduces the risk of errors in tax deductions or penalties from tax authorities. The OClass automated payroll system has the Singapore tax rates coded into it, so you can easily calculate the withholding tax for each employee.

2. Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

At the tip of your fingers, have access to your expenses, revenues, monthly reports and more. For dance studios or fitness studios, this OClass school and studio management system Singapore allows you to keep track of your students’ attendance and their usage levels each day. After registering the name of each student, you can find them in the system and their details when necessary.


 As the business grows, you might not always be on ground to physically follow the activities of your students. Keeping track of customers as a business grows can be challenging. But with OClass, you can keep track of your students, what they signed up for, and their activity log, all on a screen. This studio management system also has a customer login portal so that your students can access their profiles, enroll in classes and pay for them. 

As these changes are made, they automatically reflect at your end. Parents can access profiles on behalf of their children, and carry the same activities. According to Software Advice, contact management, followed by the ability to track customer interactions are the most demanded features in a CRM system. You’ll find these features and more in OClass. 


The CRM feature in OClass will arm you with the needed insight to maintain strong, personalised relationships with customers.

3. Class Scheduling

Overly positive reviews have been said to be viewed as ‘too good to be true’. However, a negative review shows that your studio is being run by a human. So it gives it that realistic feel.


Also, some customers prefer to see all sides of the picture and so they go through these negative reviews to get an unbiased review of your service.


Since you get a chance to make amends to your customers, you can then track how satisfied they were with your response. 


When these unhappy customers see how dedicated you are to improving their next experience, they’d be happy to book another session with you. 


So rather than sulk when you get a negative review about your service, spend some time introspecting. Understand the review, give an empathetic reply and find ways to turn these negative reviews into positive ones over time. To do this, you need to have in place a robust CRM system like OClass.