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How Using Online Scheduling Software Can Keep Your Business Running Smoothly During The Holiday Rush

On the plus side, the holiday rush brings with it a lot of business; people rushing to buy things, book services, register for programs etc. On the downside, this increased demand can place strains on you, your staff, and business that might overall impact on your ability to deliver at your usual quality.

Members of staff who should be attending to customers can end up stuck taking endless calls. But this doesn’t have to be the case. With school and studio management systems, you can optimally deliver your services and not be overwhelmed while at it. Here’s how:

1. Eliminate Schedule Clashes

Online Scheduling Software

One of the common errors with manual scheduling, especially when there are multiple people handling it is that it is prone to clashes. One person registers a client, and another registers another client for the same time. By the time you realise, it’s probably too late, and you end up having to either shift one person or outrightly cancel.

This leads to lost revenue and lost reputational capital. But with online scheduling software like OClass, once a time is registered, it syncs across all who have access to the system and no one else can be registered for the same time.

2. Set up Booking Packages

Many people want to book your services or buy your products, not just for themselves, but also for their friends and family as gifts. This is one of the key factors behind increased demand during the holidays. With an online scheduling system, you can save your customers time, by bundling some of your services into a single package.

Customers can then pay for these packages and spread them as they like. Think of it like a Christmas hamper with different types of goodies in it. You gain increased profit, quicker sales, and earn their repeat patronage, even after the holidays are gone.

3. Takes Appointments

This is one of the most obvious benefits of a studio management system, but there’s no loss in rehashing it. With a tool like OClass, you no longer have to be endlessly distracted by the phone ringing off the hook in peak period. This is a distraction that takes away from your ability to service the clients who are physically present. 

Using the school and studio management system in Singapore, customers can book your services online and it is automatically added to your calendar. Or alternatively, you can take appointment requests. This way you can review the proposed time if it is okay by you before setting it in stone.

4. Eliminate odd gaps in schedule

One thing about manual scheduling systems is that they are prone to odd gaps between appointments, and then back-to-back at some points. This approach can take a toll on your health. 

With an online scheduling system, these gaps can be eliminated to optimise and even out your schedule. This way, you can attend more classes within the same time period without burning out.

5. Manage your business from anywhere

Unlike manual scheduling systems that require you to be physically close to the register, or carry it with you, an online scheduling software means that you can accept appointments and keep track of them from anywhere in the world, through your devices. 

Wherever you are, you always have a handle on the latest with respect to your company.

For any serious-minded 21st century business in Singapore, online scheduling software or studio management systems should not be compromised. You can stay ahead of the holiday rush and get reminders of appointments as they come close. For smooth running of your business, get an online scheduling software like OClass.