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Every new year, people make resolutions and set goals to get fit and buff up. Most of them make the right moves towards this, changing their diet and signing up at a gym. Trainers usually find this exciting as their numbers rise and schedules get fully booked. But anyone who has been in the business long enough knows that after a few sessions, many of them are going to cop out.

Granted, you can’t force people to keep committed to their own self-improvement, but there are hacks that you can try to help in retaining a substantial number of them with your fitness studio. Let’s get into them:

1. Review their Resolutions

Many of them get into fitness with highly unrealistic goals. Imagine targeting building abs in three months. Sounds crazy, but many people expect it to come that fast. Such people are sure to get disappointed quickly when it doesn’t turn out that way. As their trainer, you should discuss their fitness goals with them.

Using your experience, you will be able to discern those who might have unattainable goals and help them adjust it. Once you both agree to an attainable goal, help them break it down to micro-goals that serve as checkpoints or milestones. You can then keep track of these goals with a studio management system like OClass.

2. Encourage Them to Make Small Changes

Getting fit is like a marathon. It might take time to see the desired big changes. To keep them motivated, advise them on small changes they can make with immediate benefits. These will serve as motivation for them to stay committed to the long haul. When they succeed at these small steps, celebrate them like they’re a big deal, because they are. 

Life transformation is the result of a sum of many small changes. An example of a change you could suggest is a switch from creamy coffee, to plain black coffee with skimmed milk. That change will help them be less sluggish when they wake up.

3. Set Up a Reward System

This might not work for everyone, but it is proven fact that rewards at every milestone are an effective way of keeping some people motivated. Confirm first with each individual client if they are motivated by rewards. 

If they are, structure rewards as they hit the specified milestones. This way, they have something to look forward to. For example, you could throw in a weekend getaway or a day in the spa as a reward. This will also serve to build loyalty to your brand.

4. Break Monotonous Routines with Variety

Variety is not just the spice of life, it’s also the spice of fitness regimes. No matter the enthusiasm with which anyone starts working out, their enthusiasm is sure to gradually peter out.

To keep them going, insert variety at regular intervals to keep them motivated. This might involve changing the type of workouts, the exercises in the workout, the order of the exercises. Make it so random, that your clients are never sure when things will get spiced up a bit.

This way, even when they don’t feel excited about exercising, the sheer anticipation of what you might have in stock should keep them coming.

5. Build internal support networks

Most likely, there are members of your fitness studio with similar struggles. The encouragement and support of someone who is on the same path works differently from that of someone who is already on the other side.

Identifying areas your members need help becomes easy when you have a school and studio management system with a CRM. OClass CRM feature, for example, lets you keep track of students progress and even add notes.

Encourage them to connect and build structure into their interactions. Create challenges for them and group activities. The dynamic of collaboration and competition will keep them accountable to their goals, even when they don’t feel it.