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What are the advantages of online booking systems for business?

What if we told you that if you adopted an Advantages Of Online Booking for your business, your revenue could increase by 37%, would you believe me? That sounds like a bold claim, right? Lets see how that is possible.

Increased Bookings

In a survey, it was found that 35% of customers prefer to fix appointments after working hours. They are busy all day and the only free time they have is after the close of work. By that time, you might have also closed shop. If you had an online booking system that is available 24/7, you wouldn’t be losing one-third of your potential clientele. You can be relaxing in front of the TV by 11 pm, while you receive bookings and payments.

Builds Relationship with Customers

When customers can book your services in the wee hours of the day, you’ve done something that few businesses pay attention to – you’ve saved them time. Customers are generally more willing to pay higher to businesses that help them save time. With an online booking system, customers can access your services more efficiently and enhance their trust in your services.

Superior to Phone Booking Systems

The most common booking system involves the phone, where customers call your office and book a session. But the challenge with this system is that it is largely only available during office hours. So your customers cannot access you after office hours. An online booking system could either complement or replace this (and save you the phone bill). Not all customers will be able to make out time from their busy schedule to book a session with you over the phone. Also, phone booking systems tend to be inefficient during peak periods, when multiple people might be trying to reach you on just one line.

If we try to reach your line and it’s busy one or two times, we will most likely try your competition (who might have an online booking system). Even if you decide to introduce multiple phone lines or install a switchboard, that might make you more accessible, but it comes with increased expenses. Either way, you look at it, online booking systems are superior, allowing potentially hundreds or thousands of customers to book your services without any embarrassing logjams.


Gives back Time

Setting and learning how to use an online booking system might seem like a new learning curve, but it’s quite simple, and once you get it, it will give you back your time. Time otherwise spent answering calls and penning down details of customers will be eliminated with an efficient Advantages Of Online Booking that also collects all the necessary details of the customer you might need. You can use this saved time to focus on the key aspects of your business.


Serves as a Business Promotion Tool

If you want to promote a new product, service, special offer, or discount, you can easily set it up as a prominent call to action on the landing page of your online booking tool. This way, new and old customers are made aware of it immediately they access it and could sign up for it.


About 77% of service businesses do not have online booking features. Break out of the herd today and step into the future with your own online booking system.

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