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Your Dance Classes Need An Ultimate Online Management

Still, thinking about the ways to grow your business in this modern era of technology?

Still, wondering how will you manage your dance class bookings?

Still, facing issues with managing & keeping records of class schedule, customers, and the payment?

Well, you are in a dire need of an Online Management System which will do all your work with just a few steps and there you go. All of your business GROWTH & SUCCESS in one place. Eazy-Peezy, Isn’t it?

If you still haven’t considered introducing a booking system for your online classes, still think they’re too expensive, a luxury item, or not relevant to your particular business model, then read why you should seriously reconsider this viewpoint.

Easy way to reach your Customers

Approx. 90% of people in Singapore own Smartphones. (Source: Statista.com) Don’t you think it’s a faster way to reach your customers? This is mainly because your customers can literally shop from anywhere. In an age where players like Grab and Shopee are enabling people to purchase products with a tap of a button, businesses like yours need to step up the game and offer experiences that people are use to.

Today is the time of Tik Tok, Instagram Reels, and many other platforms where people just do not miss a chance to show their moves. Between January and July 2020, TikTok saw an estimated 1.04 million new downloads from Singapore. 87% Of TikTok Users: Instagram Reels Is “Basically The Same”. (Source: Forbes). There you have your user database. Utilizing the mass availability of customers is what is needed to grow your business.

Convenience at the end attracts more customers and in today’s world of high smartphone users.

Simple & Quick booking process

Most people are willing to book or buy from a business that has a simple and fast communication process. What if you had a simple, effective, and reliable booking system available on all devices, at all hours of the day?

Giving your customers easy booking for your classes and helpful information will go a long way to smoothing out their booking process. For example, with a online booking platform like OClass, your student will be able to quickly make payment via PayNow or credit card to secure their slot for a class.

Online Management System reduces Operational costs

Managing daily operations at your studio is not an easy job. Handled manually, the process can become prone to error. Plus, you will have to have your staff spending time doing huge amount of mundane and unproductive tasks.

An online booking platform like OClass can help you efficiently by bringing in higher level of automation. It helps you in automating everything including –

Managing scheduling and attendance.

Generating invoices and payments.

Significantly save on man-hour

Easy way to process payments

Enabling customers to make payment at the time of booking saves staff time and reduces the likelihood of cancellations, offer superior peace of mind. By making your business administration online, there are high chances of an increase in revenue of your business.


Every hotel needs booking platform. Every dance studio needs an OClass. Online booking system gives freedom to potential customers to book a class anytime they want. It also maximises your sales because you are not limited to your working hours.

The Covid-19 pandemic has shown us clearly that the online booking system is no longer a luxury, a convenient enhancement for the businesses who can afford it. Rather, it has become a necessity to ensure that business operations are running.

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